The partner is Union des Groupements Feminins and Ce Dwane Neyee (UGF/CDN). It is a network of women’s groups in the Sanguie province (Central West) of Burkina Faso. It supports women in the province in becoming active and effective members of the economic and social development of the region.

Why are we working with this partner?

Women constitute more than 50% of the population, but are one of the most deprived groups in Burkinabe society. They have little say in terms of rights and decision-making within their families, their communities and at social and national levels. In the rural areas typically a woman can devote ¾ of her time to farming activities, greatly contributing to household food production.  In spite of this women’s access to better soil and irrigated land is limited. Generally they are only authorised to use unfertile soil on a small plots of land. The growing land proportion assigned to women is low, between 8 to 16% (World Bank 1994).

Most women in both rural and urban areas have an income-generating activity (or try to begin one), but many are unable to increase activities because of lack of financial and activity management skills, and a lack of access to financial aid or funding.

Women became aware of their situation and organised themselves to improve their living conditions. UGF/CDN was created in this context with the idea of helping women to take part efficiently in economic and social development through the promotion of their rights, literacy, and income generating activities.

What work has International Service done with UGF/CDN before:

Since 2008 International Service in Burkina has had a Development Worker with UGF working on: strengthening the finance and accounting capacity, writing project proposals, budgeting and fundraising and improving computer knowledge.

In 2011 ICS Volunteers worked on: increasing the UGF member’s income through improved marketing, making members more aware of women’s rights and increasing the community’s awareness and knowledge of primary health care.

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