Monday, April 20, 2015

Cohort 3 – Blog 2

This week has been a very good learning exercise in resilience and expecting the unexpected! Two of our team members succumbed to malaria this week, and have been at the clinic in Koudougou receiving doses of quinine and antibiotics. Luckily, they both appear to be on the mend and we’re looking forward to all being together in the office again next week. Despite the setbacks, we’ve continued to learn a lot this week: about the work of UGF/CDN, life in Reo, and about Burkina Faso more generally. We held a team discussion about the Millenium Development Goals and to what extent we felt like they’d been met, as well as their importance more generally, and it was fascinating to share ideas between the national and international volunteers.

We’ve started to work on our objectives for the placement, and can feel the different elements coming together. We’ve been reviewing packaging for the dried mango (learning insights from our national volunteers such as the most appealing colours to the Burkinabe market – red and white are the most popular, whereas green and brown are rarely used!), and conducting market research in the alimentations in Reo to find out more how the supply chain works between local farmers and artisans and the established grocery shops in town. Exciting ideas have been flying around the office – such as selling dried mango packets at the café in Koudougou University, exporting mango to Ouagadougou, and looking into the international market as well. 

Alongside the general research and formation of ideas, we’ve been taking part in some of UGF/CDN’s general activities too. We attended an information session given to the UGF/CDN members about the most effective ways to use water in the production of shea butter. An interpreter was there to translate from French into Lyle, and it was inspiring to see such a commitment to sustainability in action.

This week also saw the first of the IT and English lessons, which have been well-received. It’s interesting to see how seemingly small actions build on each other. For example, more refined Excel skills will allow accounts to be presented more clearly, which will make UGF/CDN’s funding applications to international grant-making organisations much stronger.  
We’re at an exciting stage: we have the enthusiasm of being at the relative start of our placement, but it’s also nice to be feeling more at home in our new surroundings, and as if we are getting into the rhythm of life here. 

Here’s to another successful week, and the good health of the team!

Durant cette semaine, voilà les activités qui ont été faites :

Discussion et présentation culturelle entre britanniques et nationaux : échange culturel, présentation d’objet culturel ;
Planning tools : c’est la planification des activités de toute la semaine ;
Discussion en groupe sur la recherche de marchés internationaux et
nationaux, sur l’animation du kiosque, sur la production de mangue
séchée :Aminata et Jess ont discuter sur la production de mangue
séchée, Emelie et Medina sur les méthodes pour animer le kiosque,
Samuel et Eline sur les moyens d’attraction des marchés internationaux
,Serge et Bekah sur la recheche de marchés nationaux ;
Réflexion en groupe sur le but du millénaire et le développement ;
Participation à la formation sur l’utilisation optimale d’eau dans
la production du beurre de karité ;
Entretien du groupe avec Jean Pascal et le coordinateur ;
Cours d’informatique avec les niveaux moyens, intermédiaires et avancés ;
Cours d’anglais ;
Visite des malades :Elaine et Jess.


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